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Expert Name V.N.S.Prasad Jasti
DivisionDivision of Resource Management
Telephone0091 040-24530177
Emailjasti2008(at), jasti(at)
Work ExperienceHas been instrumental in developing pulpwood based agroforestry systems in collaboration with paper industry (ITC-PSPD, Sarapaka) which not only arrests land degradation but also contributes towards livelihood enhancement for drought prone areas in semi arid regions. Has about 15 years of experience in developing technologies which arrests soil erosion and land degradation particularly in semi arid regions of the country. Developed technologies involving vegetative measures and silvi pasture systems which not only arrests land degradation but also enhances biomass productivity from degraded lands. Actively involved in development of conservation agriculture technologies which enhances soil quality and enhances productivity. Has been involved in developing Integrated resource management (IRM) technologies for sustainable agricultural production under semi-arid ecosystems in watershed perspective and evaluated several watershed development programs for their effectiveness in arresting land degradation, drought and enhancing agricultural productivity
QualificationsPh.D in Agronomy, Indian Agriculture, Research Institute, (IARI) New Delhi, 1998, M.Sc. (Ag) in Agronomy Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad,1992 B.Sc (Agriculture) Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, (ANGRAU) , Hyderabad, 1990
Number of Publications31
Awards- Dr. P. S. Deshmukh Young Agronomist Award (2001-2002), Awarded by the Indian Society of Agronomy, New Delhi for research in the field of Agronomy - Best Poster Award at National Symposium (2006), National Symposium on System for Rice , Intensification, Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad - Editor: Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development , Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development
Other Activities1. Life member of Indian Society of Agronomy, Indian Society of Agroforestry, Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture, Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning and Indian Society of Agrometeorology
PublicationsJ.V.N.S.Prasad, G.R. Korwar, K.V.Rao, K. Srinivas, C.A.Rama rao, Ch. Srinivasarao, B.Venkateswarlu, S.N. Rao, H.D. Kulkarni 2010Effect of modification of tree density and geometry on intercrop yields and economic returns in Leucaena based agroforestry systems for wood production in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India Experimental Agriculture 46 (2): 155-172; J.V.N.S. Prasad, G.R. Korwar, K.V. Rao, U.K. Mandal, C.A.R. Rao, G.R.Rao, B.Venkateswarlu, S.N. Rao, H.D. Kulkarni, M.R. Rao2010Tree row spacing affected agronomic and economic performance of Eucalyptus -based agroforestry in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India Agroforestry Systems 78 (3): 253-267; JVNS Prasad, GR Korwar, KV Rao, UK Mandal, GR Rao, I Srinivas, B.Venkateswarlu, SN Rao, HD Kulkarni, 2011, Optimum stand density of Leucaena leucocephala for wood production Biomass and Bioenergy ; Prasad, J.V.N.S., Korwar, G.R., Rao, K.V., Srinivas, K., Srinivasa Rao, Ch., Pedababu, B., Venkateswarlu, B., Rao, S.N. and Kulkarni, H.D. (2011); on-farm evaluation of two fast growing trees for biomass production for industrial use in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India. New Forests; UK Mandal, KL Sharma, JVNS Prasad, B Sanjeeva Reddy, B. Narsimlu, US Saikia, RV Adake, P Yadaiah, RN Masane, K Venkanna, B Satyam, B Raju, K Venkatravamma and NN Srivastava, 2012
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated10/03/2014 15:18:00

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