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Expert NameDr. Naveen Kumar Bohra
DivisionArid Forest research institute
Telephone 0291/2785657
Work ExperienceWorking as Research officer, Public relation officer and extension officer in Arid Forest Research Institute, Jodhpur. Worked in Ecology Division where associated with soil water Conservation Projects; Worked in Biodrainage Project at IGNP canal area where Water logging problem exists; Worked in Non- wood forest product division at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun from 2007-2008; Working in Biofuel consultancy project as Co-PI under Biofuel Authority at Soniana illage, Rajsamand, Udaipur (Rajasthan) Currently running project on Refinement of nursery technology for selected arid Zone tree species; Working as PRO for dissemination of Research work to masses; Attended 10 weeks training at Massey University, Newzealand under FAo fellowship programme in 1998 on tree improvement. Participated in Climate change meet at COPENHAGEN in 2009 and presented paper on changing climatic scenario in Western Rajasthan; Participated in more than 20 national and international conferences and presented paper.
Number of Publications60
Awards1. Joint winner of S.K.Seth award for best publication in Indian Forester Journal for the year 2010 2. Winner of Manak Alnakaran National Award for outstanding achievement in dissemination of scientific information to public in 2012 3. Lions club award for public awareness in 2013
Other Activities1. Life Member of Annals of Arid Zone, Jodhpur (Rajasthan) 2. Life Member of Journal of Tropical Forestry, Jabalpur (MP) 3. Member of Indian Science Congress Society, Kolkata 4. Member of Current Science, Bangalore
Publications1. Bohra, N.K. and D.K.Purohit (2000). Fungal Toxins-Their Adverse Effects on Living Organism. Journal of ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY Indian Journal of Environment Sciences.4(2);pp 163-168 2. Singh,G.,Mutha,S.,Bala,N.,Rathod,T.R.Bohra,N.K.andG.R.Kuchhawaha (2005). Growth and productivity of Tecomella undulata based on agroforestry system in the Indian Desert. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, vol 15.pp 89-101 3. Chaudhary Pradeep, Bohra, N.K. and K.R.Chaudhary (2011) Conserving biodiversity of community forests and rangelands of a hot arid region of India. Land use policy, Volume 28(3), pp 506-513.Science direct publication. 4. Bala, N., Kumar, Pramod, Bohra, N.K., Limba N.K. and. G. Singh (2010). Production and Decomposition of Litter in Plantation Forests of Eucalyptus camuldulensis along canal command in Indian Desert, Indian Forester, 137(2):163-169. 5. D.K.Mishra and N.K.Bohra (2011).Bio fuels-As environment friendly fuel and an opportunity for socio-economic development with reference to Jatropha. Green Farming, Vol. 2(6):744-747.
DisciplineClimate change and adaptation
Last updated10/03/2014 16:13:00

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