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Expert NameDr. Manohara Tattekere Nanjappa
DivisionRain Forest research Institute, Jorhat, Assam
CityJorhat, Assam
Telephone0091 376 2305168
Emailmanohara_tn(at); manoharatn(at)
Work ExperienceResearch experience: 14 years - I have been working on Palms – taxonomy, reproductive biology and biodiversity conservation. Main areas of interests- Plant systematics, Reproductive biology, Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. Completed two research projects. At present leading two projects in North East India – Diversity and Conservation of rattans; and on medicinally important plant- Morinda Citrifolia L. Noni – as livelihood option for the people of North East India. (National Medicinal Plant Board, New Delhi funded project). Reviewed Manuscript of International Journals - Plant Genetic Resources (MS No.133-13) Nominated member of Editorial Board - “Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences”, Hong Kong. Worked in the ICFRE project on ‘Revisiting Forest Type of India’- conducted field survey of and analysed vegetation at Assam (11 locations) and Meghalaya States (3 locations); identified the plant species, classified and analysed data. Participated in the “SAARC Expert Group Meeting on Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts and Risks to Different Forest Types of South Asia”, from 22 – 24 October, 2013, at Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat, India. Worked as rapporteur and internal member; people from 6 different SAARC Nations participated in this meeting.
Qualifications-B. Sc. University of Mysore, 1992, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology. -M.Sc. University of Mysore, 1996, Botany. -Ph.D. Botany, 2007. University of Mysore.
Number of Publications11
AwardsSummer Research Fellowship – 2007 jointly sponsored by INSA-IASc.-NASc. under Teacher category
Other ActivitiesLife Member: - The Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata, India. - The Indian Botanical Society, Department of Botany, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. - Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT), Department of Botany, University of Calicut, Calicut. - Swamy Botanical Club, Department of Plant Sciences, Scholl of Life Science, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappali, Tamil Nadu. - Advances in Plant Sciences, Muzzafar Nagar, U.P. - Phytomorphology, New Delhi. - International Journal of Plant Reproductive biology - Current Science Association, Bangalore, Karnataka.
PublicationsRajesh Tandon, T. N. Manohara, B. H. M. Nijalingappa and K R Shivanna. 2001. Pollination Pollen- pistil Interaction in Oil Palm, Elaeis guineensis. Ann. Bot. 87: 831-838. T. N. Manohara, S. N. Ramaswamy and G. R. Shivamurthy. 2007. Calamus - dwindling resources? Curr. Sci. 92: 290-292. Manohara, T. N., Linto, E.L. & Renuka, C. 2010. Diversity and conservation of palms in Andaman & Nicobar archipelago. Biodiversity Conservation 19: 3655-3666. T.N. Manohara. 2013. Nutritional Evaluation of Shoots of Two Rattans of Northeast India—Calamus flagellum Griff. ex Mart. and C. floribundus Griff. (Arecaceae). Economic Botany 67(3): 263-268. T.N. Manohara. 2013. Wasp-mediated seed dispersal in agarwood plant (Aquilaria malaccensis), a critically endangered and overexploited species of North East India. Curr. Sci. 105(3):298-299.
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated11/03/2014 14:39:00

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