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Expert NameDr. Sri Ramasastri Kota
InstitutionNational Institute of Hydrology
Telephone91 1332 72106
Work ExperienceCarried out statistical analysis of rainfall and temperature for studying climate change in different climates in India. Detailed studies on space time characteristics of rainfall have been carried out for Rajasthan and on the desertification of west Rajasthan in India. Analysis of low flows and hydrological droughts in the semi-arid and arid areas of India were carried out.
QualificationsPh.D. Hydrology, University of Roorkee, 1994. M.Sc. (Tech.) Meteorology & Oceanography Andhra University 1966.
Number of Publications115
Other Activities1. Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India). 2. Life Felélow, Indian Association of Hydrologists 3. Member, Indian Meteorological Society. 4. Member, International Association of Hydrological Sciences.
Publications1. Rao, K.N., C.J. George, & K.S. Ramasastri, 1971. Droughts in India. Proc. of Tech. Conf. of Hydrological and Meteorological Services, WMO N°304, pp. 115-123. 2. Rao, K.N., C.J. George & K.S. Ramasastri, 1972. Agroclimatic Classification. India Meteorological Dept., Meteorological Monograph Agrimet N° 4. 3. Rao, K.N., C.J. George & K.S. Ramasastri, 1976. The climatic water balance of India. Memoirs of India Meteorological Dept. Vol. XXXII, Part III. 4. Ramasastri, K.S., 1979. On the desertification and trends of rainfall in west Rajasthan. Proc. of Intl. Symp. on Hydrological Aspects of Droughts, pp. 27-37. 5. Ramasastri, K.S. and Vibha Jain, 1989. On the trends and periodicities of rainfall in some districts of East Rajasthan. Annals of Arid Zone, Vol. 28, pp. 207-214. 6. Ramasastri, K.S., 1993. Space time characteristics of rainfall in East Rajasthan. Ph.D. Thesis submitted to University of Roorkee, Roorkee.
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