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Expert NameMr. Anil Dinkar Mohile
DivisionLiaison Office
InstitutionBrahamputra Board
CityNew Delhi
Telephone91 361 561320
Work ExperienceI have experience in investigations and hydrological studies, planning of water projects, appraisal of projects, organisation and management of water projects, water conflict resolution and water policy evolution. The participatory experience includes investigations and studies in India (Central water commission) and the Philippines (MIS-ADB-NIA), advisory experience includes project appraisals in India, 4 dams in Vietnam (UNDP - WAPLOS) and working as chairman for operation of the Tungabmadra and the Yamina systems. Currently overseeing preparation of master plan and development of the large Bramaputra Basin.
QualificationsBachelor of Engineering, Civil, University of Bombay, India, 1960. Master of Engineering, Water Res. Dev. (Economic Analysis), University of Roorkee, India, 1972.
Number of Publications37
Awards1. Worked as Vice President of IWRS in Honorary Capacity. 2. Working as President of Ind. Asssn. of Hydrologist in Hon. Capacity.
Other Activities1. Associated with UNESCO (IHP-II), WMO (HOMS-HNRC), ICID, worked on Indian National Committees for Hydrology, IRRGN and draing. 2. Member, Indian Assn. of Hydrologists (IAH) 3. Member, Indian Wat. Resources Society (IWRS) 4. Member, Work Group on interbasin transfers of national Commn for int. water plan.
Publications1. Mohile A.D. & R.K. Bhar (1995) "Emerging Irg. Plg. Strategies for Drought Control in India. Proc. Afro Asian Conf. of ICID @ Algiers, ICID N. Delhi (1995). 2. Mohile A.D. (1995) "Policy initiative towards sustainable wat. mag. in India" in water report N°6, FAO Rome. 3. Mohile A.D. (1996) "Enhancing mangt. capabilities of the water sector in India". Water Res. Dev. Jnl, Vol. 12, N°4, pp. 503-512, Oxford, UK. 4. Mohile A.D., Bhatja & Jyothi (1996) "A futuristic perspective plan…" Jnl, Ind. W.R. Society, N°1, Vol. 2. 5. Mohile A.D. (1995) "Sustainable dev. of W.R. - Identifiction of Issues" Proc. National Round Table, Inst. of Eng., Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:46:00

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