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Africa (Annex 1)

Asia (Annex 2)

Latin America and the Caribbean
(Annex 3)

North Mediterranean (Annex 4)

Central and Eastern Europe
(Annex 5)


 Content Editor

The role of regions under the UNCCD

The main thrust of implementing the UNCCD is at the national level, while regional characteristics are given a significant role in the Convention in  defining actions. The implementation of the UNCCD is geared around five regional implementation annexes: Annex 1 for Africa, Annex 2 for Asia, Annex 3 for Latin America and the Caribbean, Annex 4 for Northern Mediterranean and Annex 5 for Central and Eastern Europe. These annexes are meant to set out the focus and content of action programmes for particular subregions and regions. They also provide a framework for regional coordination and collaboration.

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