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About the collection

About the collection

Data management in combating desertification

The UNCCD Library & Data Centre is responsible for archiving all available information on desertification. It serves to distribute data on global desertification and land degradation processes.
UNCCD Library Collections: Monographs and serials collection - The library holds an interesting collection of monographs and series selected so as to support the the Organization's research and daily work in fields like development, economics, environment, land, soils, agriculture, energy, water, climate change, biodiversity, science and technology. A large part of this collection is constitutted of reports, grey literature, statistics, country and regional case studies published by UN and non- UN organizations, regional commissions..
Periodicals collection, includes mainly journals, reviews, bulletins and newsletters published by institutions and organizations from different regions in the world. In addition to the hard copies, which could be consulted at the library reading area , a great part of them are freely available online through the UNCCD Library catalogue.
Country parties collection, includes not only  countries' national action plans and national reports available through the UNCCD website but also additional relevant country  resources. 
UNCCD collection - the Library maintains a collection of UNCCD documents and publications in printed and electronic format as well as UNCCD historical collection of documents available in hard copy only.
The audio-video collection  could be consulted only at place. It contains the recordings from all UNCCD  conference sessions as well as documentary films from the Desert Night Film Festival organized for the International Year of Deserts and Desertification(IYDD)  Rome, Italy  in 2006. All UNCCD publications are available through the UNCCD publications page.
Scientific data management is fundamental to combating desertification. Quality and consistent long-term data availability enhances scientific understanding of the Convention and its impact on the global processes which result in land degradation. The library ensures quality and consistency by taking a methodical, interdisciplinary, global, and team-based approach to data management.
 Although scientists have long recognized the significance of the impact of desertification, collecting data from the arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid regions of the globe has proven difficult, if not impossible in some cases. The few existing data sets on the extent of desertification, starting with 19th-century explorations, are of short duration and are geographically dispersed, and subject to questionable extrapolation.

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