I support #LoveLand4Climate

Life on Earth depends on healthy and productive land. The way we use and manage the land is also crucial to addressing the climate change. Sustainable land management (SLM) is essential to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and keeping the global warming threshold below 2°C for the next 15 years. SLM practices, such as low-emissions agriculture, agro-forestry, sustainable urbanization and adoption of renewable energy can help close the remaining emissions gap by up to 25 per cent and build resilience to climate change. There is ample scientific evidence that SLM can reduce emissions and that healthy soil is a powerful carbon sink.  

The UNCCD Secretariat joins the momentum towards the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP23) that takes place in Bonn this November by launching the #LoveLand4Climate campaign to showcase that it is vital to adopt and implement SLM for climate change mitigation and adaptation. We invite all stakeholders: governments, civil society organizations, non- governmental organizations, academia, private businesses and individuals to come together and take responsibility for how we manage the land – our home, our future.
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You can support the campaign in many ways:

  • Share and like the campaign #LoveLand4Climate messages on social media. You can download the campaign cards and messages from the menu on the right
  • Retweet and re-post social messages from UNCCD Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and Instagram accounts
  • Sign our online petition to show solidarity. Our target is to collect at least 10,000 signatures!
  • Email friends and networks asking for their support
  • Hashtag #LoveLand4Climate in your social media messages
  • Take selfies with the campaign cards and post on social media tagging @UNCCD
  • Send your blogs, articles, photos and stories on how SLM is used to address climate change to L4L@unccd.int from 14 Oct to 30 Nov 2017

You can also join campaign activities:

  • Campaign launch is on 14 October 2017 during UN Day in Bonn’s historic Marktplatz.
  • We will be collecting signatures for the campaign petition during UNFCCC COP23 in the Bonn Zone

For further enquiries, please email jchoo@unccd.int