UNCCD 25 years: interactive timeline

The UNCCD library has opened its archives to revisit the important milestones of the Convention: the first scientific evidence of desertification, authentic papers from the negotiation process before 1994, awareness raising materials and more. In the sunup to the World Day to Combat Desertification 2019, the library showcased these materials at the Convention's headquarters in the historic UN Langer Eugen building in Bonn. The highlights of the exhibit are available on Flickr.

Who said "desertification" first?

The term "desertification" was first popularized by a French researcher Aubreville in 1949 to describe the process of vegetation cover loss. The term desertification was first applied politically during the Sahel crisis in the 1970s. The UN General Assembly resolution on international cooperation to combat desertification.


UNCCD staff members have also shared their memories from the history of the convention: Melchiade Bukuru | Richard A. Byron-Cox | Marcos Montoiro.

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