Short film series for Desertification and Drought Day 2020

The series of films aims to celebrate the global observance of the Desertification and Drought Day on 17 June 2020 and raise awareness on the theme this year: Food, Feed and Fibre. 

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Film 1: The chef on a sustainability mission 

Chef Megha Kohli is a trailblazing chef who runs the only Armenian restaurant Lavaash by Saby in New Delhi, India. The restaurant’s entire menu is created from local vegetables and fruit farmed responsibly. She follows a zero-food waste regime by keeping a spoilage register, providing sensible portions and using every part of each ingredient. Chef Megha is a part of the Chefs’ Manifesto movement, a community of 640+ chefs from 77 countries, leading action on sustainable food issues relevant to SDG2 Advocacy Hub. Follow Chef Megha on Instagram and Twitter.

Film 2: Making Farm to Table truly sustainable

The growing demand for food is a leading driver of land degradation. Creating awareness about the value chain of a produce enables consumers to trace the source of food, ensure the wellbeing of the producers and support good land stewardship. An example of this is Hansalim, the largest community supported initiative on agriculture in the Republic of Korea, that offers consumers and farmers the possibility to establish a connection and understand each other. It advocates the benefits of organic agriculture, the importance of food sufficiency, locally produced food and integrated farming systems with animal husbandry and the cycling of natural resources as a way of preserving Korean agriculture and promoting sustainability. 

Film 3: Setting the table for circular economy

Chefs around the world awaken our senses and fire up our imagination with creative ideas. Now many of them are joining the Chefs' Manifesto, taking responsibility for the land on which our food grows and educating us on the ingredients and stories behind the treats we eat. In this film, chefs take steps toward circular economy to deal with waste and pollution, make best use of products and regenerate nature. Our food choices determine the future of our planet, our health, food systems and livelihoods. Check out these chefs' creations – they are good for the palate and for the planet. Bon appetit!

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