Children's art competition 2021

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Happy Desertification and Drought Day!  

We invite children from all over the world to draw and share with the world their vision of the land they would like to live on in the future.   

To participate in the art competition, please read and follow the instructions below.   

UNCCD staff and the amazing German cartoonist, Özi, will look at all the pictures uploaded on the website indicated below, and select the 30 best pictures. The artists of the selected pictures will participate in a one-hour art workshop, which is now scheduled for Friday, 30 July 2021.

Özi will train you on how to draw better pictures. He is a renown German cartoonist who speaks many languages, has travelled to more than 30 countries and has the best fun working with children. Learn more here:   

OeziUNCCD will also send gifts and a certificate to the six best art projects submitted.  

The rules for participating are simple:  

1. You are NOT 18 years old by 31 December 2021.   

2. You submit only one drawing. You can do as many drawings as you want, but upload only one drawing. Make sure your drawing has your name and age on it. 

3. The drawing must show what you would like your future land to look like.  

4. Post your drawing BEFORE 12 July 2021 in your country. The latest time to post is 12 July 2021 at 11:59 pm (23:59 hrs) in your country.   

5. Your picture is uploaded and visible on the world map titled, “2021 Events Around the World” that is on this UNCCD page.

6. To submit the event, scroll down this webpage above and click on the words “Submit your event”. Fill the form that pops up. All the fields marked with an asterisk (*) MUST be filled. For this art project, include your city. It will help us to schedule the right time for your art workshop if you are selected to participate.

Happy Desertification and Drought Day

NOTE: To avoid the need for legal waivers, children who are selected to join the Art workshop on 30 July 2021 must be accompanied by a guardian or an adult during the workshop.

For tips on how to do your drawings, here is a video from Özi. You can also download the tips here (in English).