Land for Life award

The Land for Life Award was launched at the UNCCD COP10 in the Republic of Korea as part of the Changwon Initiative. This Award recognizes the excellence and innovation of individuals, groups, institutions and businesses whose work and initiatives have made a significant contribution towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15: “Life on Land”, in particular Target 15.3 land degradation neutrality (LDN).

The Award program was revised in 2015, and winners are selected from the global community every two years. The Land for Life China Award will be also held in the same year and one winner will be chosen from China by the steering committee of Kubuqi International Desert Forum.


Though the award does not carry a monetary prize, winners will receive an individually tailored support package from the UNCCD secretariat to highlight her success story including:


The nomination of 2019 Land for Life Award candidates will be announced in February 2019


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