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Global Mechanism

Global mechanism

The Global Mechanism (GM) was established in 1994 under Article 21 of the Convention to facilitate the mobilization of financial resources to implement the Convention and address desertification, land degradation and drought.  

What we do 

As an operational arm of the Convention, the GM provides advisory services. It works together with developing countries, the private sector and donors to mobilize substantial resources within and outside a country, in order to implement the Convention at the national level.  

The GM advises countries that request guidance on how to implement the Convention. This includes advice on how to: 

  • set national land degradation neutrality targets 
  • develop and scale up large projects that transform lives and livelihoods 
  • develop national drought plans.  

As of today, 129 countries have pledged to establish voluntary LDN targets and relevant measures to achieve LDN by 2030 as a means to protect and restore land, improve food security, protect biodiversity and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

In 2015, the GM supported the creation of the LDN Fund, a private sector-led initiative to raise money for sustainable agriculture, sustainable livestock management, agro-forestry and sustainable forestry projects.  

The GM also works with the countries from the Sahel region to mobilize more than USD 16 billion for the Great Green Wall

GM works directly with countries on LDN Target Setting, LDN Transformative Projects and programmes, and the Drought Initiative