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IWG on mid-term evaluation of 10-year strategic plan (2008-2018)

Established in 2011, this Ad hoc Intersessional Working Group (AIWG) was set up for the Mid-term evaluation of the 10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention (2008–2018).

The AIWG concluded that there was some progress towards the 10-year strategic plan and framework, but less progress than was hoped. Some bright spots include the increased attention to the importance combatting land desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD), which has led to progress on these issues. However, the report highlights that there is much more left to do, including improving the ability of Parties to measure their progress, particularly when it comes to land productivity. Another challenge is ensuring that all Parties develop a coherent approach to mobilizing resources for the implementation of the UNCCD.

The report was finalized in 2013 and can be read here.