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The UNCCD COP recognizes that the involvement and participation of the civil society is vital to the successful implementation of this Convention. It therefore welcomes the contribution of CSOs, with particular regard to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to the official meetings of the UNCCD.

Representatives from CSOs that are accredited to the COP may directly participate in the UNCCD secretariat’s sessions. At these sessions CSOs are consulted on United Nation’s policy and programme matters. They also play key roles at major United Nations conferences as indispensable partners for efforts at the country level. Below are the current accredited CSO's to the Convention.



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International Union of Soil Sciences

Arranges meetings, conferences and congresses on issues related to soil science and gives support to soil scientists in pursuit of their activities. Arranges the publication of material relevant to the Union. Establishes cooperation with other related organizations. Undertakes research in areas of soil science, land degradation and desertification.

International Campaign for Freedom and Peace

Organises educational activities on issues related to democracy, equality and peace integrated with programmes which motivate women and students. Publishes magazines informing the international community on developments inside Africa. Promotes the participation of women and youth in all events and assists communities in undertaking basic development projects.

Centro de Assessoria e Apoio aos Trabalhadores e Instituições não Governamentais Alternativas

Organizes educational programmes on agro-ecology in rural areas. Implements agro-ecological development programmes with a view to developing shared technologies, methodologies and agro-ecological procedures which contribute to strengthening the sustainability of family agriculture in the semi-arid regions of Brazil. Aims to develop and disseminate educational programmes suited to the social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions of the semi-arid regions.

Instituto Desert

Conducts research on the impact of climatic variations on semi-arid regions. Provides technical support for projects aimed at combating desertification. Participates in technical meetings and provides consultancy services to intergovernmental organizations.