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Drought is already affecting all types of countries, in all types of geographies, negatively impacting global food systems, health, economic and social development. This trend is likely to continue unless we all get behind the necessary change and invest in solutions. Insufficient rainfall is not the only cause of drought. There is a lack of awareness about human-induced water scarcity that exacerbates drought risks and effects. 

By 2050, three quarters of the world’s population and half of global grain production will be exposed to severe water scarcity. Women and indigenous communities will be especially vulnerable during drought. We want to raise awareness about various impacts of drought and encourage people to become more drought-ready and resilient. 

Drought is a slow-onset disaster. Preparedness and swift action are needed as soon as it emerges. We want to change mindsets from reactive to proactive when it comes to drought mitigation.  

That's why we've come up with an idea of Droughtland, an imaginary country that lives under a dry spell. Campaign materials – cartoons, animations and videos – use a dash of humor to describe everyday challenges of living in Droughtland and encourage people to take action, so that no country becomes a real "drought land" where citizens's lives are forever altered by water scarcity.

We need your help spreading this message, so all people can enjoy water security in the future. We invite you to become part of the campaign by helping amplify some of the Droughtland content and activations. We aim to reach audiences and governments all over the world, and you could help us achieve this. Here’s how:

Thirsty for adventure? Dare to explore the one-of-a-kind experiences of Droughtland, the country with dryness of land, but not of spirit.

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