The Committee on Science and Technology (CST)


In line with Article 24 of the UNCCD, the Committee on Science and Technology (CST) is established as a subsidiary body of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to provide it with information and advice on scientific and technological matters relating to combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought. The CST meets in conjunction with the ordinary sessions of the COP. It is meant to be multidisciplinary, open to the participation of all Parties, and composed of government representatives competent in the relevant fields of expertise. 

Terms of Reference

The CST is assigned various advisory functions, data and information functions, research and review function, functions related to technology, and evaluation functions (15/COP.1). It makes recommendations to the COP on ways and means to facilitate and strengthen networking at the local, national and other levels, with a view to ensuring that the thematic needs set out in Articles 16 to 19 of the Convention are addressed. The role and responsibilities of the Committee are actively supported by the work of the CST Bureau.

Improving efficiency of the CST

As a means to strengthen the CST, at its eleventh session the COP decided to establish a Science-Policy Interface (SPI) to promote dialogue between scientists and policy makers on desertification/land degradation and drought (DLDD). The mandate  of the SPI is to provide the CST with thematic guidance on knowledge requirements for implementing the UNCCD. 


The fourteenth session of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST14) was held in conjunction with the fourteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 14) in New Delhi, India.