Civil organizations elect their new representatives

CSO panel

The CSOs accredited to the UNCCD elected the members of the new UNCCD CSO panel for the next biennium. The panel will now be constituted by:

Ms. Djatougbe Aziaka from Welfare Togo (Togo) representing Africa 
Ms. Jiajia Luo from China Green Foundation (China) representing Asia
Mr. Octavio Perez Pardo from CIASE (Argentina) representing Latin America and the Caribbean 
Mr. Valentin Ciubotaru from NGO Bios (Moldova) representing Eastern Europe, and
Ms. Nathalie van Haren from Both Ends (The Netherlands) representing Western Europe and Other 

The UNCCD secretariat would like to congratulate the new members and thank Hindou, Bhawani, Marioldy, Sophiko and Baris for their service during the last two years.

The first meeting of the combined CSO panels will be held on the 14 and 15 of February.