Land Heritage Collection

To celebrate 25 years of remarkable positive impact on land, people, communities and society, the UNCCD secretariat launched a collection of land-related commemorative items at UNCCD headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The exhibit embodies the convention's firm commitment to protecting healthy and productive land worldwide. The new Land Heritage Collection welcomes contributions that symbolize countries' land heritage. Submissions will be promoted through UNCCD communication platforms, with every visual element of the exhibit linked to its story.

The first items in the collection include: 

Eritrea's Balanced Future by Habteweld Masgina
Eritrea's Balanced Future by Habteweld Masgina

Eritrea is located in a drought-prone part of the world, and its land has been heavily degraded due to man-made and natural processes. Since 1991, the government of Eritrea has been implementing land rehabilitation activities including construction of water reservoirs, community mobilization and awareness-raising campaigns.

Mr. Habteweld Masgina is a self-taught painter, who uses  art to create vivid images of the devastating effect that irresponsible production and overconsumption have on the future of humanity. He also shares with his audiences the inspiring message that everyone has the power to change things by and nourish their relationship with nature through actions such as tree planting.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Eritrea exhibited Mr. Masgina’s work to the UNCCD COP14 to inspire people across the globe to take action for the environment, stimulate discussion about deforestation, raise global awareness on drought-related impacts of land degradation and mobilize global youth to become the new guardians of nature.


camel gift
Camel from Chad

ChadThe Camel sculpture was presented to UNCCD secretariat by the Coordinator of the Chadian NGO Association Tchadienne des Volontaires pour la Protection de l'Environnement (ATVPE) Mr. Mahamat Ahmat Abbas, on the occasion of the Climate Change Conference COP23. ATVPE has been working with local communities, particularly rural farmers, women and youth groups to implement agroforestry projects in Chad. Mr. Abbas passed away in 2018, leaving a lasting legacy to improve the living conditions of populations affected by desertification and climate change.

Guatemala: Clean Rivers: video submitted by the Ministry of the Environment, describing the environmental cleanup campaign that combines plastic recycling with wastewater management.

From Words to Actions: Reforestation in Guatemala. The Ministry of the Environment of Guatemala present the national reforestation initiative, which aims to restore 1.2 million ha of forest by 2032. The success of the initiative is combined with a large-scale environmental education outreach for future forest stewards with the focus on climate change.

information guide ESP

Argentina has submitted the Information Guide to Protect the Land in Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems with focus on sustainable land management in the dry areas of the northwest Argentina.

China law cover

China has provided the following contributions:

Law of the People‘s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Desertification

One of the silver award-winning policies honored by World Future Council (WFC) in 2017, it is the world’s first integrated law dedicated to combating desertification that provides a framework for China’s National Action Programme and a host of projects aimed at rehabilitating land at risk.

Brochure "Build the Ecological Green Great Wall – Combat Desertification in China"