Dryland Champions


Be part of the solution. Become a Dryland Champion !

Rio +20 recognized the need for action to reverse land degradation and called to strive to achieve land degradation neutrality (LDN). Combating land degradation is a challenging task but also an exciting endeavor.
Why exciting? Because implementing the UNCCD and achieving a land-degradation neutral world start literally on one's own doorstep. Everybody can contribute! Take action and be part of a growing Dryland Champions community that safeguards land and soil for greater local and global benefits.

Who are Dryland Champions?

Dryland Champions is a new programme designed to honor activities by individuals and/or organizations that make practical contributions to utilizing and developing sustainable land management (SLM) practices. Under the Dryland Champions motto “I am part of the solution,” the initiative focuses first and foremost on people. It further highlights their commitment and endeavors toward improving the conditions of affected ecosystems and the livelihoods of human populations in these areas.

What will be recognized?

The Dryland Champions programme recognizes a wide spectrum of SLM activities. All actions, activities, initiatives and projects (on-site and/or off-site) that introduce, facilitate, promote and/or implement SLM practices/policies at local/national levels such as:
  1.  Protect productive lands by preventing healthy soils from degradation and restore degraded lands via sustainable land management and related practices including through landscape restoration: Actions, initiatives and/or projects of this type will have contributed to improving the environmental condition of drylands and their people.
  2. Creation of enabling environment for sustainable land management: Actions, initiatives and/or projects of this type are recognized for their ongoing dedication to advocate for the implementation of policies, which safeguard dryland ecosystems. This individual or group has provided direction and energy collaborating with others, and paved the way for continued success.
  3. Awareness raising and education activities: Actions, initiatives and/or projects of this type have made contributions to environmental education through teaching, research and/or service. These efforts will have raised awareness of desertification, drought and SLM, and identified opportunities for positive change.
  4. Support alternative livelihoods in drylands ecosystems and/or invest in the sustainable development of drylands: Actions, initiatives and/or projects are distinguished by pioneering efforts to support alternative livelihoods in drylands ecosystems by implementing programmes in disaster prevention, alternative income generation, social security, land-friendly business practices, and have demonstrated efforts to encourage others to do the same.

Who can be recognized?

The Dryland Champions programme is open to everyone including:
  • Youth Groups and Schools
  • An individual adult, youth or child
  • Business
  • Industry
  • NGOs/CSOs
  • Community group, municipality, or First Nation/ethnic group
The Dryland Champions programme is implemented at the country level. For further information, please write to ARCE@unccd.int.