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Dune fixation/stabilization

This method is moderately efficient at low to moderate cost and maintenance.

The method has a moderate to long longevity depending on the level of land use.

The method has significant co-benefits, particularly (re) establishing natural environments in areas of degraded dunes and dune source areas.

The ease of establishment can be considered moderate as there are often significant social issues related to excluding use of dunes and dune source areas.

The method commonly includes a combination of other methods, including planting local varieties of trees, bushes and grasses, artificial barriers (e.g., sand fences) to slow the speed of the wind, irrigation, excluding access to dunes (fencing) and (in some cases) using soil stabilization chemicals.

The method has shown long term benefits (e.g., stopping dune movement), particularly when used in combination with community-driven management of livestock and natural resources.