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The Desertification and Drought Day is a catalyst for action to be continued throughout the year:

  • As an individual, join the #Droughtland Campaign. Sign a pledge to keep your country from becoming a Droughtland – a nation plagued by drought; send a special Droughtland postcard or information booth; tag, post, share and inspire hope. Change your habits and share your actions. Visit to learn more.
  • Don’t stop on the day, schedule a monthly save-the-water-day. Grow your influence on- and off-line to promote sound water management and drought impact mitigation. Organize drought awareness events. Talk to your community. Seek out drought-mitigator champions and promote their initiatives.
  • Support communities to tackle drought head-on. No amount of early warning will work without action to protect the most vulnerable. Set up drought insurance programmes, establish food banks, build capacity and campaign for water-efficient food production.
  • Regenerate your land. When land is healthy, land is natural storage for fresh water. If it is degraded, it is not. Plant and consume drought-tolerant crops. Irrigate efficiently. Recycle and reuse water. Reduce water evaporation and soil erosion. Opt for a diverse plant-based diet.
  • Engage with schools. Educate, communicate and activate through children and youth.
  • Investigate and disseminate practical drought resilience ideas and inform local communities about the most appropriate actions for their soil and land types. Invest in projects that promote solar-powered water pumps and rainwater harvesting for drought-prone communities.
  • Share your stories about drought risks and resilience with the world.

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