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Our work & impact


The UNCCD is the global voice for land. We promote practices that avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation and are the driving force behind Sustainable Development Goal 15 and Land Degradation Neutrality.

Global land restoration footprint
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The new publication "Restoring Life to the Land – The Role of Sustainable Land Management in Ecosystem Restoration" prepared jointly by UNCCD Secretariat and WOCAT illustrates how Sustainable Land Management (SLM) experience feeds directly into ecosystem restoration…


million hectares of degraded land will be restored in the Sahel thanks to the Great Green Wall initiative


countries and counting have set their voluntary national LDN target

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Changwon Initiative

More than 100 countries participate in the Changwon Initiative. The initiative supports national voluntary target setting processes to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN). It has also contributed to the preparation of action-oriented projects and programmes to…

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Land for Life Programme

Desertification and land degradation affect around three billion people worldwide. Science tells us that land restoration is a cost-effective way to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. At the same time, reclaiming land helps us transition toward a green…

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