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Best practices in sustainable land management

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Examples from the SPI report

In 2017, UNCCD’s Science Policy Interface (SPI) published a report  showcasing several dozen examples of individual sustainable land management (SLM) best practices selected from scientific journal articles, research papers and SLM databases (including WOCAT). This information is categorised by land use type and technology group. 

The WOCAT global database on SLM

The WOCAT database is one of the largest SLM global databases. The database contains more than 2,180 SLM practices from 130 countries, in twelve different languages, including best practices reported by UNCCD Parties. 

Best practice examples
Improved cattle shed for urine collection

Collection of cattle urine in improved cattle sheds for use as liquid manure and organic pesticide. Cattle urine, which is a viable alternative to mineral fertiliser, is collected in a pit or drum and protected from rain and runoff. Where urine is collected for incorporation with farmyard manure, the pit may be directly connected to the manure pit or heap. Urine that is used as liquid manure or organic pesticide is stored in a drum for fermentation.

Animal waste management
Grazing land
Improved cattle shed for urine collection