2015 Land for Life Award winner ELION won China Poverty Eradication Award

Wang Wenbiao
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On 16 October 2016, the first China Poverty Eradication Award ceremony was held in Beijing to recognize efforts of individuals across China, who have contributed to alleviating poverty in the country. The chairman of Elion Resources Group (ELION), winner of 2015 UNCCD’s Land for Life Award and Dryland Champion, Mr. Wang Wenbiao was honoured for his contribution in helping his poor countrymen to come out of poverty. Wang is one of the 38 awardees of “China’s Poverty Eradication Award” that were recognized for their achievements in fighting poverty. 

Wang's devotion in combating against desertification and poverty through the development and engagement in Kubuqi Model-eco-driven industries in Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia has lifted 100,000 local residents out of povertyand miraculously transformed Kubuqi Desert from “Sea of Death” to the “Green Economy Oasis”. Thus, Hangjin County in Ordos City of Inner Mongolia is delisted as a poverty-stricken county.

More information about Elion Resources Group, please visit: http://www.elion.com.cn/en/

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