6th International SDS workshop: capacity-building and partnerships are needed


Istanbul, Turkey –  Scientists and experts from West Asia, Central Asia and the Balkans, together with the representatives of the UNCCD, UNEP and WMO, attended the Sixth International Sand and Dust Storm (SDS) workshop on 12-15 November 2018 to discuss the importance of partnerships in addressing SDS, with the focus on anthropogenic source management. 

Workshop included presentations on SDS policies, source management, impact mitigation, early warning and forecasting, SDS observation, assessment and modeling. Country delegates also presented best practices in addressing SDS, highlighting the importance of knowledge sharing between countries, national  and international agencies. 

Workshop participants agreed that the development of a capacity-building project on SDS sources, monitoring and impact assessment, as well as sand stabilization for affected areas would be the next important step in addressing SDS at the regional level. 

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