Agritech 2018 brings together experts in agricultural technologies and innovations


8 May, 2018 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Focusing on the challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable agricultural practices in the arid and semi-arid regions, UNCCD Executive Secretary Ms. Monique Barbut addressed the participants of Agritech Israel 2018, one of the world’s leading exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies and innovations.

Agritech Israel is the forum that brings together policy makers, economists and project managers from business and industrial sectors around the world who work to promote innovative solutions in water and land management, expand food sources and advance agricultural development.

Speaking of modern agriculture, Ms. Barbut compared it to the complex recipe where all the ingredients should remain of high quality and mix well together. While present-day technology has allowed a dramatic increase in productivity, it has also put an enormous pressure on land resources by demanding higher inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Modern agricultural methods are in large part unsustainable, leading to widespread land degradation and loss of biodiversity, leaving people and ecosystems more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and other environmental challenges, such as drought and water scarcity. 

To expect farmers to keep feeding the growing world while preserving land resources for generations to come, it is essential to equip them with tools and technologies to do things differently. By moving towards sustainable intensification with fewer but smarter inputs, empowering small-hold farmers, reducing food waste and rewarding sustainable land management practices, we can create a lasting recipe for success, Ms. Barbut concluded. 

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