In Brazil, national conference discusses progress towards LDN

LDN conference Brazil

Brasília, Brazil Progress towards land degradation neutrality (LDN) became the focus of the recent national conference organized in partnership with UNCCD and UNDP on 26–27 November to discuss strategies, challenges and results of combating desertification, recovering degraded areas and reducing climate vulnerability. The Minister of Environment Mr. Edson Duarte opened the conference, stressing the importance of mobilizing communities and local governments for strategic land restoration projects that rebuild the productive capacity of soil and provide multiple economic, social and environmental benefits.

The representative of UNCCD at the conference highlighted the success of Brazil in making LDN a reality through the Degraded Area Recovery Units Strategy that fully embraces LDN principles and works to restore the land while improving water quality, preserving  biodiversity and promoting sustainable rural development. The delegates also discussed ways to achieve LDN by 2030 in the areas where the strategy is implemented through sustainable environmental and production practices. 

During the conference, the beneficiaries of the strategy shared they experience of working together as Degraded Area Recovery Units and how this experience benefits their communities. Each unit gathers 30 families who work together to recover water sources and build water and soil conservation structures. The integrated approach enables beneficiaries to improve their subsistence agriculture practices, productivity and living conditions for example, through the construction of water cisterns, bathrooms and fuel efficient ovens.

During the conference, the Ministry of Environment also presented the MapBiomas Áridas, an interactive platform that will support both the monitoring of LDN indicators and impacts of the Degraded Area Recovery Units Strategy at watershed level.

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Photo: Ministry of the Environment of Brazil