Community mobilization to achieve LDN: Experience from the State of Eritrea

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The Government and the people of Eritrea are committed to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) by 2030. In order to restore, sustain and enhance the productive functions of the country’s natural ecosystem resources, Government of Eritrea has massively invested in the agriculture sector.

All Eritrean regions are involved in various land rehabilitation campaigns, mainly in soil and water conservation, as well as tree planting activities. Thanks to various initiatives, more than 41 million trees have been planted on 16 thousands ha of land, and more than 150 thousand energy-saving stoves have been distributed throughout the country. Moreover, farmers are introducing cultural farming and farmland levelling to enhance productivity of the land.

Eritrean students have been engaged in afforestation and soil and water conservation programs for more than 20 years and many have been engaged in the 430 Green Clubs in their schools. The growing number of Green Clubs in recent years also means more trees planted around the country.

Watch this video to learn about the journey of Eritrea to achieve LDN.