COP ES-2 extraordinary session


According to Rule 4.3 of the rules of procedure of the COP, the second extraordinary session of the COP (COP ES-2) shall be convened within three months of the request being communicated to the Parties by the UNCCD secretariat, provided that it is supported by at least one third of the Parties. 

In the event that the above request is accepted, the secretariat would circulate a proposal for an interim budget for 2022 as soon as possible and no later than six weeks before the date of the COP(ES-2). It is envisaged that COP (ES-2) would consider the draft decision for approval through a silence/written procedure that would take place between 6 and 9 December 2021. 

Should the COP (ES-2) be convened, it is requested that representatives of Parties to the Convention be provided, in line with Rule 19 of the rules of procedure, with full powers to participate in the session.