Désertif'actions 2017 – International press cartoon contest results

cartoon Strasbourg

65 cartoons from 42 cartoonist from 13 countries have been received on the occasion of the International press cartoon contest organized in parallel to Désertif'actions 2017 Summit.

The jury composed of personalities from media, artistic and graphic jobs, cartoonists and organizers, selected 33 cartoons which will be exhibited at Strasbourg’s city hall from the 26th to the 30th of June 2017.

The jury designated three winners and a special jury distinction :
• First prize: « Land, water, colours ». Manfruelli BATTI, alias BATTI, France
• Second prize ex-aequo : « Still life » Guy BADEAUX, Canada
• Second prize ex-aequo : « A new Angelus » Robert ROUSSO, France
• Special jury prize, « Young distinction » : « Ultimate borders » Noha BAFOIL, France

 More information on www.desertif-actions.fr

 Information on the jury composition

·         Phil Umbdenstock (cartoonist and president of the jury)
·         United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification : Marcos Montoiro
·         Representative of the city of Strasbourg : Julien Chiappone Lucchesi
·         CARI representative and initiator of Desertif’actions : Patrice Burger
·         Climate Chance representative : Bernard Soulage
·         Cartoonists networks : Pierre Ballouhey (Cartoonists French Federation)
·         Strasbourg arts and culture representatives : Thérèse Willer (Tomi Ungerer Museum) and Jean Charles Andrieu de Lewis (HEAR)
·         Written press : Dominique Jung (Dernières nouvelles d’Alsace)