Down to Earth: Making ecosystems and communities resilient to drought and floods

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Time: 16:45 - 18:00
Lomond Auditorium
UNFCCC COP 26 | Glasgow

Catastrophic drought and flooding are linked to the changing climate and sub-optimal land use planning and management. This side event will highlight the pivotal role of land in regulating water (reducing scarcity and limiting surplus), bringing to light the science and policy land-based solutions needed to reduce the impact of drought and floods on people and their ecosystems, while at the same time contributing to climate action. Through a talk-show format, participants can make sense of recent drought and flood events, and more importantly, the actions needed for land-based solutions to minimize overexposure to disastrous climate change impacts.


  • Setting the stage
    Louise Baker, Managing Director of the UNCCD Global Mechanism
  • State of the Art – What does the science tell us?
    Barron Joseph Orr, UNCCD Lead Scientist
  • Action – How are countries responding? (Panel discussion
    • The experience of Nigeria
      H.E. Ms. Sharon Ikeazor, Minister of State for Environment
    • The experience of Honduras
      H.E. Ms. Liliam Lizeth Rivera, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
    • The experience of Malawi
      H.E. Ms. Nancy Tembo, Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, Energy and Mining
    • The experience of Pakistan
      Irfan Tariq, Director General Environment
    • The experience of Grenada
      Mr. Trevor Thompson, Land Use Officer and UNCCD National Focal Point, Grenada
    • The experience of Burkina Faso
      Mr. Pierre Omer Ouedraogo, Chargé des Programmes, Secrétariat Permanent des Organisations Non Gouvernementales
  • Next steps – The new urgency for integrated land-water-climate action
    Mr. Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director at Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
  • Closing remarks
    Louise Baker, Managing Director of the UNCCD Global Mechanism

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