Drought event in Bonn presents pathways to proactive disaster management

DIE event in Bonn

Bonn, Germany – The auditorium at the German Development institute (DIE) quickly filled up on 22 January, as attendees gathered for the drought preparedness event organized in cooperation with UNCCD to discuss ways to shape a better interface between global efforts in disaster management with the realities that the drought-affected communities face.

Drought remains one of the most misunderstood and damaging natural hazards for people and ecosystems. With climate change, drought challenges are visibly increasing even in green countries such as Germany. As the DIE Senior Michael Brüntrup explained, "Drought is older than climate change, and everyone is or will eventually be affected.” The evening at DIE included a round table with experts from national and international organizations, presentation of the book "Drought challenges: policy options for developing countries" and the screening of the documentary "The end of famine."

“The communities and the governments need to be proactive and have a resilient agenda. We must focus on preventing drought as much and as early as possible,” – UNCCD Drought Officer Daniel Tsegai emphasized when introducing the UNCCD Drought Toolbox that helps countries develop national drought plans with a proactive approach to drought management.

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