Exceptional concert for exceptional times to unite people online 

earth day concert

In the time of crisis, people rely on each other for strength and support, finding creative ways to stay connected and positive. On Earth Day 22 April 2020, UNCCD Land Ambassador Ricky Kej delivered a one-of-a-kind music event, bringing together musicians from around the world for an online experience shared by a multimillion global audience. More than 40 artists from six countries, including five Grammy Award winners, volunteered their talents to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.      

Exceptional situations call for exceptional response. We must reflect on how we, as individuals and as global communities, can make a significant positive change  and use our talents and creativity to inspire action.

— Ricky Kej, UNCCD Land Ambassador

Baaba Maal, another Land Ambassador, joined the concert from Senegal where he works to assist communities facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the musicians and singers performed UNCCD Land Anthem, introduced by the Executive Secretary Ibrahim Thiaw. 

We need to mobilize the world to forge a stronger, healthier and more productive life in harmony with nature for years to come.

— Ibrahim Thiaw, UNCCD Executive Secretary

The mega-concert was showcased live on national and international TV, radio, streaming platforms and social media, including UNCCD and other UN accounts. This event is one of initiatives supported by UNCCD to engage the audience around the issue of sustainable land use as a way to ensure a healthy future for people and the planet. Next, UNCCD Land Ambassadors will join the Desertification and Drought Day global event on 17 June, which will also take place online.

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