The Group on Earth Observations LDN Initiative

GEO LDN card

The UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Indicator 15.3.1, for which the UNCCD is the custodian agency, utilizes three sub-indicators: land cover, land productivity and carbon stock. These can be calculated from Earth Observation (EO) and other geospatial information in accordance with the Good Practice Guidance for SDG Indicator 15.3.1.

After three years and the recent finalization of the GEO-LDN technology competition, GEO-LDN is:

  • Ready to support countries reporting to the 15.3.1. SDG indicator using an innovative and user-oriented approach
  • Ready to make land use planning more sustainable, evidence-based and transparent
  • GEO-LDN involves all relevant stakeholders (data providers and data users) and welcomes active engagement from new stakeholders in an inclusive and open process
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