Healthy Land, Healthy Lives: Nominate a project for the 2021 Land for Life Award! 

deadline extended

The UNCCD Land for Life Award is back! We are looking for outstanding commitments and creative approaches to combat desertification and drought. Our award goes beyond raising awareness on the issues of land degradation and deforestation. We also want to give YOU the opportunity to introduce to the world the stories and projects of changemakers around the globe who help create a healthier and more sustainable future! 

The scientists who address the origins and the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 confirm that healthy land is essential to human health, well-being and resilience. This year’s L4L Award seeks to reward the land users whose conservation work is protecting the vital connection between humanity and the environment!

Do you have a success story that deserves recognition for promoting a new social contract for nature and supports the principle of Healthy Land, Healthy Lives? Visit the L4L Award page for more information and send us your submission by 14 February 2021.

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