Ibrahim Thiaw visits Azerbaijan to discuss land restoration progress

Ibrahim Thiaw at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Azerbaijan

Photo: Ibrahim Thiaw and Mr. Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev

Baku, Azerbaijan UNCCD Executive Secretary Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw recently visited Azerbaijan on the invitation of the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mr. Mukhtar Bababev to discuss republic's experience in land restoration and rehabilitation. The mission was organized in close collaboration with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Berlin.

Over the past ten years, Azerbaijan has restored about 103,000 ha of polluted lands on Absheron peninsula and has made a pledge to restore 170,000 ha of land by 2030 as part of the Bonn Challenge. Mr. Thiaw invited the Minister to attend the upcoming UNCCD COP14 in New Delhi, India to showcase national achievements in land rehabilitation and make a contribution to the global environmental diplomacy. Mr. Thiaw also met with the heads of ministry divisions to discuss the UNCCD Drought Initiative and the future Drought Toolbox, since more frequent and intense droughts as well as associated water shortages are among the main challenges that Azerbaijan is facing today.

Mukhtar Babaev and Ibrahim Thiaw

Photo: Ibrahim Thiaw and Mukhtar Babaev

Mr. Thiaw also met with Mr. Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who presented the role that Azerbaijan plays in promoting trans-regional dialogue, organizing regular global events such as the International Humanitarian Forum and Intercultural Dialogue in Baku. 

Mr. Thiaw also discussed the role of youth in implementing the convention with Mr. Surkhay Shukurov, the Executive Director of the IDEA Campaign, a UNCCD-accredited NGO. The organization expressed an interest in sponsoring youth activists to attend the Youth Forum during the COP14.

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