International Youth Day 2020

Land Heroes

Today is International Youth Day!

It is the opportunity to salute the incredible work done on the ground by young people all around the world who take concrete actions to improve livelihoods in their communities, achieve peace and food security, and build a brighter future through sustainable land management and landscape restoration. 

To give you an idea of what youth empowerment and commitment can achieve in all parts of the world , we present the following virtual events:

Panel discussion “Sustainable food production and consumption”

Moderated by the Youth Caucus, featuring four young women presenting the situation in their respective countries, discussing plant-based diet, food waste, the importance of education to reduce child obesity, and more.  
At 16:00 CET on our Facebook page

Land Heroes Recognition session – Ciencia Mágica from Mexico

UNCCD and CONAFOR will hand out a certificate to Alondra Jazmín Fraustro Cardiel, co-founder of Ciencia Mágica for her impactful work with students and families in reconnecting communities with nature and reflect on sustainable agriculture, as well as reducing food waste by making home-made products out of fruits peels. At 5:00 CET on Ciencia Mágica Facebook page

.What can YOU do? – Land Heroes give you tips!

Land Heroes make a difference every day, through their actions. Some of them grow trees, others implement green energy systems, and some even see art material where others see trash!

** Coming up soon: the Land Heroes Series! ** 

A series of webinars featuring Land Heroes sharing their vision and experiences to a live audience. Comments and questions are welcome… stay tuned to be inspired and become part of the solution!

“Nuclear Disarmament is the only route to World Peace”

Land Hero Kehkashan Basu is celebrating the founding of her organization Green Hope today, with an International Sustainability Debate on the motion “Nuclear Disarmament is the only route to World Peace.
At 17:00 CET on Green Hope Facebook page