IUFRO Regional Congress Asia and Oceania focused on land and climate change

China National Convention Centre, Beijing
News on the issues

The academic session titled “Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of dryland ecosystem” was organized during the IUFRO Regional Congress of Asia and Oceania on 26 October at China National Convention Centre, Beijing. The session was jointly sponsored and organized by Institute for Desertification Studies, Chinese Academy of Forestry (IDS/CAF), UNCCD Secretariat, International Ecosystem Management Partnership of UNEP (IEMP/UNEP) and National Institute of Forestry Science (NIFS/KFS). A total of 60 participants from 15 countries participated in the session. 

The discussion topics in the session focused on climate change, dryland management, water resources management and soil conservation. UNCCD representative Mr. Yang Youlin addressed the importance of achieving Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) goal and how countries could achieve the goal at country level. Yang also presented the framework of LDN Target Setting Programme in which more than 100 countries including China, have responded to the call for achieving the SDG 15.3 on land degradation neutrality.