Konya Metropolitan municipality will host  the International Green Capitals Congress

International Green Capitals Congress

8 12 May 2018, Konya, Turkey

The expressions, green and capital, come up as a range of values befitting human, civilization, social life and esthetic attitude and warning humanity. Konya Metropolitan Municipality wishes to discuss deep technical and social values including a chain of meanings, then examine these as common values of humanity on a platform to be constituted by participants and bring people of science and experience together on a common ground to discuss upon what these values may mean by moving them forward. In the province of Konya, the cities, which used to be or still are the capitals, will gather together in order to discuss the common values of humanity. Konya has a special place as a center in respect of reflecting the above-mentioned characteristics and senses. In addition to the changes and aesthetic developments it prove it happen within international realms, Konya actually had already been the capital city of the Anatolian Seljuk State. Today, with its population over two million people,  historical and cultural values, aesthetic breakthrough, orderly urbanization, robust transportation facilities, environmental investments, green spaces available, agricultural and industrial innovations, as well as its location, mission and especially peace, Konya is determined to maintain all these values as a livable world metropolitan city.

In this context, Konya Metropolitan Municipality invite large and small green cities from all over the world, who were capitals throughout history or are capitals now and who had proven themselves with their green-fields, esthetic values and social structure, to this congress. During the 5-day congress on the first day opening and protocol speeches, on the second, third and fourth days academical discussions and last day evaluations and a Konya tour will take place.

For article, poster and participation applications please visit http://www.yesilbaskentler.com/