Kubuqi Desert COP13 field trip

Field trip

To showcase the achievements of desertification control in Inner Mongolia, the UNCCD organizes a field trip to the Kubuqi Desert during COP 13, on 10 September 2017. As a saying goes, “It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times.”

Thirty years ago, the Kubuqi Desert, one of the largest in China, was an area severely affected by storms that blew uncontrollably over the vast expanses of sand. Today, tireless rehabilitation efforts, led by the Chinese government, business entities and local residents, have resulted in the restoration of more than 6 000 square kilometers of the Kubuqi Desert through afforestation. The implemented circular sustainable economic model combines ecosystem restoration, ecological husbandry, ecotourism, green industry and solar energy production, and has already benefited 102 000 local residents, lifting them out of poverty. The Kubuqi model sets an example of successful desertification control and ecosystem improvement based on effective government policies supported by private investment in the eco-industry and combined with market-oriented engagement of local farmers and herdsman.

In Kubuqi, the meaning of “desert” has been redefined: flocks of sheep and cattle are grazing amidst solar panels that pump electricity into the power grid, plentiful local organic produce is supplied across China and the wonder of barren land turned into a fruitful garden attracts many visitors from afar. 

On September 10, the trip participants will be able to enjoy the breathtaking sights of Kubuqi – the sweeping views, the tempting bounty of the new harvest and the unique nomadic culture of the local people. 

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You can download the programme flyer and the registration form here.


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