Let's celebrate the joy of life – we are born from the land


Bonn, Germany – On Saturday 12 October, the UNCCD team took the Market Square in the center of the city by storm, staging a hugely successful flashmob to celebrate the UN Day. As the Mayor Ashok Sridharan exited the tent where Bonn-based UN organizations were showcasing their work, the sound of the UNCCD Land Anthem filled the air, and the dancers came in, flooding the square to the delight of the surprised visitors.

The impromptu performance by fifty participants who represented more than a dozen countries became the electrifying force behind a festive day filled with activities that helped bring the work of the UN closer to the general public. The international organizations located in the city work in various fields including climate, land stewardship, education and health, but they all have one goal – a sustainable future, as the Chair of the Representatives of UN Agencies Mr. Shyamal Majumdar remarked in his speech. 

The visitors have shown a keen interest in the work of the UN and frequently asked how they can contribute to the sustainable way of living. UNCCD team used this chance to make the work of the convention better understood through activities such as the soil game, where the visitors needed to guess how much soil it takes to grow their favorite foods. The information on opportunities to support the work of UNCCD, from internships and online volunteering to working with accredited CSOs was also very popular. To quote the UNCCD anthem created by UNCCD Land Ambassadors Ricky Kej and Baaba Maal, "Let's celebrate the joy of life – we're born from the land. Life can only be as good as the home we keep, this home beneath our feet."

UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter in 1945. Since 1948, it has been celebrated around the world on 24 October, while Bonn, as a host city of several UN agencies, holds a special celebration on a Saturday in October as a tribute to locally-based international organizations. 

Photos: @BundesStadtBonn

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