Mainstreaming gender in LDN transformative project

Gender LDN Transformative workshop in the Caribbean

A technical workshop on the Caribbean sub-regional LDN transformative project "Implementing Gender-Responsive and Climate Smart Land Management in the Caribbean" is being held in St. Lucia, West Indies, from 26 to 28 September. The workshop is co-organized by the UNCCD/GM, UN-Women, IUCN, and FAO

The workshop aims to build and strengthen capacity on gender mainstreaming. It also addresses how to refine and finalize the project concept note with the involvement of all key stakeholders prior to seeking financial support from the Green Climate Fund. A key focus of the project is to build synergies between the on-going activities relevant to the Land Degradation Neutrality initiative. The workshop is designed to embed gender perspectives in the synergistic implementation of these activities in the Caribbean sub-region.

The workshop is attended by government representatives from 10 Caribbean countries and other stakeholders including women farmer groups in the region. The Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Land Management (PISLM), which spearheads the concept note development in collaboration with UNCCD, UN-Women and IUCN, also contributed to the workshop. 

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