Montenegro shares take-aways from COP14


Podgorica, Montenegro Delegation of Montenegro took part in UNCCD COP14, together with nearly 9 000 participants from all over the world. It was a key opportunity for the country to connect with different parties and set up joint goals for addressing desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD), as well as to create a comprehensive platform for policy deliberations and recommendations. 

The representatives of Montenegro confirm that COP14 has given a new momentum to the implementation of drought-related activities and integration of land degradation neutrality (LDN) targets into the national strategic documents and their successful translation into the upcoming transformative projects and programs.

The fact that COP14 decisions also reflect strong support for the development and implementation of the national drought plans and other drought-related activities, as well as mobilization of additional voluntary financial and non-financial resources is essential to the country that faces limited administrative capacity, relevant data and financial resources when dealing with DLDD issues.

Another achievement of COP14 was the highlighted role of youth in reaching the convention’s goals, since that new generations need to be keenly aware of the role that land degradation and drought play in key global issues including climate change. Young people possess fresh energy and strong drive to tackle the major task of implementing the decisions taken today, so it is up to the current decision makers to involve young people and give them a chance to raise their voice. 

Montenegro delegation at COP14

Montenegro delegation at COP14: NFP Biljana Kilibarda, MSc and STC Mirko Knežević

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