Parties are invited to submit requests for support in the development of LDN TPPs

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Bonn, Germany – The Conference of the Parties to the UNCCD COP13 requested by the decisions 3/COP.13 and 14/COP.13 he Global Mechanism of the UNCCD to continue developing partnerships in support of the implementation of the Convention and Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) as well as to promote gender responsive approaches in line with the Gender Action Plan.

Moreover, country Parties have emphasized the need for support during the early stage of project preparation, for which limited sources of funding are available. This stage is critical for conceptualizing projects and programmes and engaging both national and international technical and financial partners to support their preparation and implementation. In 2018, the Global Mechanism started helping countries to design Land Degradation Neutrality Transformative Projects and Programmes (LDN TPPs) as follow-up to the LDN target setting process and the request of country Parties. The provision of technical support by a dedicated national consultant with additional technical support from the Global Mechanism helped to further develop a project idea into a sound concept note that could be used to tap into targeted funding sources, including climate finance. The Global Mechanism also facilitated dialogue at national level to identify implementing partners and strengthen partnerships to reinforce the capacities of national accredited institutions. As of 31 May 2019, more than twenty countries are benefitting from this support and twelve LDN TPP concept notes have already been prepared.

The Global Mechanism is pleased to invite additional country Parties to express interest in receiving support for the development of LDN TPPs and translate country-specific LDN targets into concrete actions. The selection of applicants will be based on a set of criteria and availability of funds. Eligible countries are invited to express interest by 31 July 2019, with project design to start after the upcoming UNCCD COP14.