Sixth Kubuqi International Desert Forum: Greening the Belt and Road, Sharing Desert Eco-Economy


The Sixth Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF) will take place at the Kubuqi International Conference Center, Inner Mongolia, China, from 28 to 30 July 2017. The forum has been recognized by UNCCD as a platform for exchange and promotion of ideas on global desertification control and green economic development. The forum is also acknowledged by the Chinese Central Government as the national institutional forum for foreign affairs. The KIDF is held biennially since its inception, with five sessions conducted to date.

The Forum is taking place in the same region where the upcoming UNCCD COP13 will take place in September 2017. KIDF, which is co-hosted by the Municipal Government of Ordos and the Elion Foundation, is jointly organized by China's Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Forestry Administration and the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in collaboration with the UN Environment and the UNCCD secretariat. KIDF is also supported by the China Economic and Social Council and Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs.

In line with the theme “Greening the Belt and Road, Sharing Desert Eco-Economy,” this year's forum aims to spark discussion and exchange of views on the development of the Belt and Road Desert region through green economy, green industrial innovations and innovative financial mechanisms that can contribute to the alleviation of poverty and help achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Among more than 300 delegates will be high-level officials of the central government of China, representatives from foreign states and governments, UN and other international organizations, regional and foreign enterprises, as well as leading researchers from national and global universities and research institutions.

In addition, the UNCCD prestigious 2017 Land for Life Award ceremony will also take place during KIDF. A press conference with award recipients will be held on 29 July.

For more information regarding the forum, please visit the following link or email: Ms. Cui Zhengnan,

For more information about the Land for Life Award winners and press conference with award recipients, please email: Ms. Jenny Choo,