Tapping opportunities for LDN transformative action


Delivering Land, Climate and Biodiversity Benefits at Scale

UNCCD COP 13 provided the forum to explore opportunities for LDN transformative bold action. These are the highlights from the multiple discussions: 

  1. Ministerial Round Table on "LDN: from targets to action, what will it take?" and launch of the brochure on "LDN transformative action, tapping opportunities." About 200 country representatives, private sector and partners attended the COP 13 Ministerial round table on how to move from ambitious LDN targets to action. Three elements were summarized as essential for bold action: Strong political commitment – 113 countries have committed to setting LDN targets; Private capital as the “holy grail” – 90 trillion USD is the estimated pool of private capital looking for investment opportunities and; Using public resources to leverage private finance is a central part of the equation to achieve LDN. The LDN Fund provides a good example of blended finance and use of public resources to mobilize impact investments. 
    The brochure on "LDN Transformative action, tapping opportunities" portraits the opportunities to move from targets to action, including the features of transformative projects and programmes, good practices and financing opportunities. You can download the brochure here.
  2. Side event on land-based transformative projects co-hosted by the three Rio Conventions (UNFCCC, CBD and UNCCD). Country Parties, project promoters from Peru, Bhutan and Turkey and representatives from GEF, West African Development Bank, World Bank and LDN Fund got together to discuss on what it takes to deliver transformative projects and programmes. Participants confirmed a common understanding that LDN transformative projects contribute to the achievement of LDN targets, deliver on the three Rio Conventions objectives, scale up what works, enhance national capacities and leverage finance from multiple sources.
    The Three Rio Conventions Project Preparation Facility will support countries in putting these features in practice by developing transformative LDN projects and programmes that can tap increasing finance opportunities for sustainable development. You can see the side event flyer here. Follow this link to read more about the Rio Conventions Pavilion.
  3. GCF–UNCCD Training on “How to Access Green Climate Fund Financing for Land-based Projects.”
    During the training countries’ representatives and partners were able to increase their understanding of the opportunities for LDN transformative projects under the Green Climate Fund (GCF). GCF Specialists, Mr. Juan Chang and Mrs. Janie Rioux presented the recent GCF developments on the land-based sector under the GCF investments priorities. Delegates with experience in GCF mobilization (for example, from Bhutan, Mrs. Karma Dorji, BOAD as a regional accredited entity, Mrs. Solange Yayi Allechi) shared their experience and Mr. Boris Spassky, from Mirova/LDN Fund complemented the session with a presentation on how to generate bankability in land-based climate action projects and mobilizing the private sector. Ludwig Liagre from the Global Mechanism highlighted the UNCCD recently obtained GCF international observer status, which will enable a deeper collaboration with GCF in developing guidance on land-based transformative climate action. You can follow the following links to see the training flyer and the GCF presentation.
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