Turkey introduces arid-land forestry methods for combating desertification

turkey workshop

Konya/Eregli/Mersin, Turkey – An international training on combating desertification and soil erosion for Central Asian and Balkan countries took place on 11-16 July, 2018, bringing together experts and participants from various institutions, organizations and NGOs. 

Workshop sessions focused on approaches to combating land degradation and deforestation, introducing participants to forest fire prevention measures, seedling production techniques for nurseries, income generating approaches to afforestation and methods for increasing soil organic carbon. During field practices, the participants were able to examine successful techniques in arid-land forestry along with fire extinguishing equipment and methods. On-site examination of sand dune movement prevention measures introduced participants to plant species used in the stabilization of sand dune movements.     

Located in dry and semi-arid climates, Turkey has achieved significant success in sustainable land management to fight drought, desertification and land degradation, sharing its expertise in ecosystem rehabilitation with other countries through training programs supported by the Ankara Initiative