Turkey shares expertise in combating desertification with land specialists from other countries

turkey workshop

Konya/Mesin, Turkey – The 14th International training on combating desertification took place between 9-14 May, 2018, bringing together 26 experts from 15 African countries. The course is organized by Turkey’s General Directorate of Combating Desertification and covers technical issues, such as causes of desertification and land degradation, production of seed and seedlings, forestation, erosion control and participatory approach to increase the level of regional collaboration in sharing technical experience among the countries.

The training is one of the actions under the Ankara Initiative, launched at the UNCCD COP12 to strengthen the implementations of UNCCD between 2016 and 2019. The Initiative supports the global sustainable development agenda and leverages lessons learned from Turkey’s experience in sustainable land management (SLM).

As a predominantly arid and semi-arid country, Turkey has a wealth of experience in land management in areas vulnerable to drought. The country has made substantial investments in rehabilitating a wide variety of terrestrial ecosystems, with national activities often planned at the watershed scale. The success of these efforts can be attributed to an integrated, participatory approach that strengthens the engagement and build the capacity of local people. Land governance has evolved to create the necessary conditions and legal environment for the widespread implementation of SLM practices. Turkey has also established itself as a leader in capacity building by investing in training and skill development of civil society and local authorities, sharing its expertise with land specialists from Africa, Central Asia and the Eastern Europe. 

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