Twenty three million letters for a greener Turkey 


21 March 2018 – Ankara, Turkey – The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has embarked on the second “Mobilization for afforestation” campaign. 23 million households across Turkey will receive a letter signed by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, asking the recipients to plant the seeds to increase country’s forest assets from 28.6 per cent to 30 per cent by 2023. The campaign will help restore degraded lands and reach national land degradation neutrality (LDN) targets.  

Over four billion trees have been planted in Turkey in the past 15 years. Other nation-wide land rehabilitation campaigns, launched in 2008-2012, include “Mobilization action plan for afforestation and erosion control,” “Five thousand income-generating forests in five thousand villages,” “Action plan for erosion control,” “Upper watershed flood control action plan,” “Dam reservoirs Green Belt afforestation action plan,” “National action plan to combat desertification” and “Action plan to rehabilitate mine sites.”